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Determining on a garage door opener is a major factor in your garage door system. The opener is the device on the ceiling of the garage itself with an engine inside that leverages the actual garage door open. The type of motorized opener you choose determines the noise level and functionality of your garage door system. You must also take into account the allocation of power for your garage door opener depending on the size of your garage. Using an opener with the correct amount of horse power is imperative to a long-lasting, functioning garage door opener, because if there is not enough horse power leveraging the door open, there will be too much strain on the motor itself. This will cause unwanted stress on the motor and therefore on the opener. offers three types of drives:

1· The chain drive opener- designed to lift heavy garage doors, usually the wood or carriage style, these doors operate on an electronic chain pulley system and are extremely sturdy, but a bit noisy.

2· The screw-drive opener- designed for extreme hot and cold weather, this opener is tough, smooth and quiet. This is the best opener for homes located in places with the most dynamic weather situations.

3· The belt drive opener- designed as the smoothest and quietest type of garage door opener, the belt-drive operates with a leather belt rather than a chain or screw drive system.

All of these openers are equipped for premium motion detection devices, reversing mechanisms, energy-efficient bright lights, remotes, rolling codes, access control keypads, keyless entry pads, and wall controls for easy, but secure access into your garage. available at your service any time and we provide the quickest answers to all your inquiries as well as a free estimate.

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